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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's the thought that counts

Company prez returned from his business trip to asia a few days ago. I've been told the trip was fruitful as he was able to make deals, revise deals, buy more patents, etc. Those became all secondary when I heard he brought some gifts for us from asia! I was excited and curious as to what kind of gift he bought for me. As his protégé, I was expecting some sort of fancy, exotic asian goodies so I was rather disappointed to find out what he brought me was a rolex watch. First thing that crossed my mind was, is he trying to remind me in a subtle way that don't be late for work? As I don't usually wear a watch, maybe the boss presumed by giving me a watch, I would be more inclined to check the time and be on time for work..Har!! As I thanked my boss for the gift, he gleefully mentions how he bought this fake rolex in China and unlike other Chinese knockoffs, this is a good quality fake as it was made in Korea.. Ah yesh..xie xie boss!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wonderful Life

Old ajushi san nakji tagged me yet again, this time the question is 20 stupendously interesting things about yourself. I've been mulling over this for the past few days and realized I can't think of anything interesting about myself..To illustrate my point, I've done this illus..hah! I'm funny. Anyway this is my daily life..

1. 7:30 AM : Get up around 7:30 AM to get ready for work. Work is only about 20 mins away but boy once I hit the showers, time just flies so I have to get up early..

2. 7:50 AM : I'm back to sleep on the couch..

3. 9:20 AM : I'm yet again late to work for the ..lost count!!

4. 11 AM : As you can see, I take my job very seriously..

5. 5.30 PM : After a hard day's work, drained from brow..working, I come home and relax by watching Animal Planet's "the planet's funniest animals" show..

6. 1 AM : Back to sleep

As you can see from the above illustrations, my life isn't exactly..exciting..hence there isn't any opportunity for interesting things to happen around me..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another drawing!

Here's a caricature of Kushibo. Drawing is kinda messy cause I sketched it with a pen.. Kushi ajushi's right hand looks alot cleaner cause I went over it in photoshop ;b (drawing with a mouse takes so much time ..)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tag like it's 1999

Well in this latest saga of tag your blogging buddies, the questions are What Movie Scenes Always Make you Cry and What TV Scenes Always Make you Choke Up..

Movie scenes:

Honestly, I don't remember sobbing uncontrollably after watching a movie. I've had some movies that made me say "oh my gosh, that's sad! zoink!" or made me sort of tear up though..Here's a list of movie scenes that made me sad..

1) Leon - When Leon bids farewell to Mathilda.

2) Platoon - Memorable scene where you see William Dafoe being chased by vietcongs (made me sad and angry).

3) Kor movie 1 - When Kyosuke tells Hikaru to take a hike..

4) Grave of the fire flies - When the little girl dies which inturn causes her brother to die out of grief..depature from the usual happy movies that come out of studio ghibli..( This sort of movie isn't something I usually see, but it was showing on IFC so I got suckered into watching it..)

5) Chasing Amy - When Banky professes his love to his best buddy,Holden and gets totally rejected.

List of TV scenes :

1) Shrub - Whenever I see Bush jr. speak on tv, I weep for America..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Korean food!!

Today I decided to get my lazy butt off the couch and go do some shopping. For the past few weeks I've been living off pizzas, chinese food, wendy's, etc so I was craving for something different..somthing good and nutritional! Thankfully there's a Korean super market about 30 min from my apt (15-20 min if I go 80 mph which I do ;b) so I made my way to that place. After wondering through the place, these are what I bought:

Yes, you guessed it! Nutritional Korean food! Ace crackers are so good..especially with coffee!
I was going to buy some spicy korean rice thingies and kimbop but heck who needs those when you have ace and homerun ball!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

San Nakji likes to touch people!

I've been touched yet again by my kiwi buddy.

Question is "What Songs Am I Loving Right Now?"

These are some of the songs I've loved in the past, love right now and will always love them.

1) Let's Stay Together (Al Green) -- "I'm gonna take you home and hug you and squeeze you and pet you and lock you in a cage and keep you forever!"

2) Me and Mrs. Jones (Billy Paul) -- Forbidden Love!!

3) Smooth Operator (Sade) -- Ahh yes, I'm Mr. smooth operator~~

4) One Flight Down (Norah Jones) -- This song brings me to tears..sniff

5) Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) -- This person I knew(whom I haven't spoke to in years) just loved it whenever I sung this song..

Yup, I'm a sucker for good old r&b, jazzy music. Though I didn't include bill evan's songs, I recommend his music to anyone who's interested in classic/smooth jazz.

I would like to tag anyone who is reading my blog! ( yeah all 2 people, including me ;d)