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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Awkward moment

On the way home from work I stopped by a local target store to buy snacks and household goods. While I was looking at household cleaners, a lady in her 40's casually initiated a conversation with me. She said the product I picked out is very good and vouched for its effectiveness by stating that her housemaid said it's good....erm yeah thank you for the info..
We were chatting about useless things until she suddenly asks what kind of job I have..I was a bit baffled by her question but told her I work for some small company..She then proceeds to ask whether I like the job then before I can even reply she asks if I would like a job? But I just said I work for a small but very nice company.. The lady says I won't have to quit my current job, just work for her..It took me a few secs to figure out what she really meant..Of course being the gentlemen that I am, I politely declined her offer with a smile. I said I like my current job which pays me handsomely and don't have time for other jobs..Understandably things were a bit awkward afterwards so I quietly moon-walked away from the spot..
Next time I shop at my local target store, I'll be sure to bring along a hooker or somebody..


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